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My Stake Review & Rating 2024 – Answered: Scam or Legal? Scam – BLACKLISTED

Not only does Mystake Casino have nothing in the way of US licensing, but it’s simply a bad online gambling site. The casino games suck, the sports betting odds are poor and the bonuses are best avoided. Take a look below and see why you should strike MyStake Casino from your travel list.

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Mystake: Pros & Cons

  • No dedicated phone line
  • No US license
  • Dubious reputation

Santeda International B.V. mystake.com/en Available Languages Customer Support Live Chat, Email Support support@mystake.email Verified by Software Providers Number of Slots No review posted yet. User Rating

David Genge

David Genge Last Updated on June 28, 2024 Fact checked by: Jesse M Cox

Most of our gambling reviews focus on a couple of bonus offers at best. With Mystake, it’s not as simple because the promotions page outlines at least 12 lame deals that may apply to every player. This is a clear objective to lure more players to this shady gambling site.

There are almost too many to mention, so we’ll concentrate on the dismal welcome offers. From a casino perspective, you can trigger a deceptive 250% deposit match up to €1,200 that has a wagering requirement of 30X your deposit plus the bonus amount, too. The sports welcome package is smaller. For wagering requirements of 10X, you can land a 100% match deposit on anything between a pitiful €20 and €500.

There’s an equally disappointing offer for users that open an account and deposit using alternative digital payment technologies. It’s only applicable to live casino games and slot machines, but technically it brings the overall casino welcome package match up to a total of 420% – if you believe that. This offering is the least likely to get picked up by US banks. As an unregulated gambling site, they need more successful deposits to happen from players in the US which is done by depositing via various shady digital payment technologies. All of which shows that Mystake Casino is a deceptive gambling site and should be avoided at all costs.

Usability, look & feel - a painstaking user experience

You’d have thought that Mystake may have tried to at least do something right but wouldn’t you believe it, they haven’t. Their website is an embarrassment to online gambling sites everywhere. The usability of the site itself is awful as you struggle to find anything you are looking for on the site. Furthermore, the pages load painfully slowly and sometimes not at all. This only gets worse as you try to access casino games and the live betting feature for sports.

Good luck trying to access any customer support details as well, as they are hidden away so deep on the site that we even struggled to find them for this review. There really isn’t much else to say about the website interface other than it matches the motives of this dubious my stake betting site.

Payments - Is Mystake legit? No!

So let’s have a think about why you should avoid Mystake Casino. Consider you went to Sporting Index and checked out the operator’s offer. Would you still ponder the question, is Sporting Index legit? Hopefully, the answer is yes because you need to be careful with your data, especially when opting for a betting provider. After all, you must register sensitive financial info to benefit from the offers and services. We found that asking such questions of Mystake Casino would mean that you’d never consider giving this deceptive gambling site your money.

To begin with, a range of fiat currency transactions are offered by Mystake Casino , from credit and debit cards to e-wallets, prepaid cards, and even Klarna. You can also make deposits using alternative digital payment technologies which is unsurprising. If you have seen any of our blacklisted reviews, you’ll know that these offshore sites use these shady payment methods as an easy means to get around banks in the US blocking any deposits into their site. All of these alternative digital payment methods are unregulated by central banks and are therefore far more difficult to police with these offshore betting sites outside the US. Simply put, don’t give your money to Mystake Casino.

In addition to this, the withdrawal process on the site only works about 50% of the time. User reviews suggest that Mystake almost never pay out your bigger winnings. If that isn’t a strong enough reason to be on our blacklist then keep reading our review and we’ll show you even more.

Customer service - limited and poor choices

So let’s see how bad this site is at customer support. Mystake’s contact options include a live chat and an email address. This is all they have for users to take advantage of. Now, if these services actually worked we might say it was okay that they were the only options. However, we contacted their support team ourselves and found that they were evasive and unhelpful, when they actually got back to us at all!

Most quality operators jump at the chance to help their players whereas in Mystakes’s case, they jump in the other direction to avoid helping you with anything. You want to know why they are on our blacklist? Here is one more reason why.

License & security - unregulated in the US

Let’s take a look at perhaps the biggest reason why you can’t trust Mystake Casino. When you make payments to your bank account, you need to ensure that nothing dodgy is going to happen that will put your finances at risk. The first red flag with Mystake is that they have received a license from the government of Curacao. This gambling authority is one of the easiest to get a license from and is notoriously corrupt. More so than that, Mystake operates as an offshore gambling site outside of the US which means that they don’t adhere to the laws of each state in the country. As such, they are outright operating illegally and should be avoided at all costs.

If you needed another reason not to sign up to the site, they also have next to no security protocols in place to protect user data. It should now be sinking in just how bad this site is and why they are on our blacklist.

Rewards program - no reason to join this rogue operator

Mystake doesn’t have a formal rewards scheme. There are a couple of pitiful promotions that include the 15% Sports Cashback Bonus as an example. Mystake refers to it as a gift for players who place sports wagers and lose. While you don’t collect points, you do receive a fairly lame free bet for your loyalty. Not exactly blowing us out of the water with their lack of a loyalty program and an excuse for a promotion to try and cover that fact.

There are simply not enough promotions that would make us suggest this site to our readers as a viable option. We don’t place sites on our blacklist unless we are sure they should be avoided and this site should unequivocally be left in the dust.

Mystake Sports Betting Betting markets - does it even matter? The site is a shambles

A few sports leagues can be found on the left-hand side of the web page, as well as lesser-known sports. For example, there are futsal markets on top of soccer markets. Not a good start.

While the markets are barely acceptable, it is not enough to cover up the glaring issues on this site. There is simply too much risk associated with this site, which is why we suggest looking at the rest of the reviews on our site to find a sportsbook that is safe and enjoyable to use.

Odds - unimpressive performance here

When it comes to odds, you won’t find much discrepancy because betting companies have to set competitive odds; everything is rather standardized. However, the odds at Mystake are not in line with industry standards and in fact are just pretty poor all around. Finding value on this site is like finding a needle in a haystack and that should never be the case.

Dismal live betting & streaming

Mystake Casino sucks for live betting. Once you select Live – in between Upcoming and My Favourites – you will hopefully land on the live betting sportsbook page. The web page is self-explanatory, with all the eligible markets on the left-hand side under their respective category headings. We thought this may be an okay section of the sportsbook only to find that the live betting feature is slow and cumbersome. You can barely get your bets in on time and most of the time, the page glitches or doesn’t execute your bet at all. Streaming isn’t possible, which is another negative in Mystake’s already substantial list of negatives.

Limits - a bleak approach

The deposit limits depend on the type of deposit and vertical you choose, so you should double-check beforehand. Withdrawals-wise, the maximum is €7,500 per week and €15,000 per month or equivalent. All of which are way below the industry standard and another reason to avoid Mystake Casino.

Product summary & conclusion - major concerns remain

The Mystake sportsbook section isn’t comprehensive at all. There is little to nothing to like about the offering they have for you. Everything is rather cut and paste, which, coupled with the concerns about licensing and security, makes sports betting at Mystake a massive no from our team. Remember, you can find better alternatives on our site in no time at all.

Mystake Casino Software - a feeble effort here

Mystake Casino even lies about whose games feature on its pathetic gambling site. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you’ll find a list of studios with which Mystake Casino allegedly has a relationship. These include Netent, Habanero, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, and SoftBet. However, these are only on the site because Mystake have apparently pirated most of their software. This is not uncommon with the offshore gambling sites as no quality software developers are actually going to provide them with games.

Game portfolio - below average selection of games

Online slots are the main feature here, with the platform reporting they have over 4,000 video slots – not a fact that we believe. The limited number of table games includes roulette, blackjack, video poker, and scratch cards. However, given that all of these games can be found on sites without the kind of licensing issues found with Mystake, we’d still highly suggest that you are better off playing elsewhere.

Live casino - mediocre at best

The range of live casino games are below average at Mystake Casino, which is what you would expect from a shady offshore operator like this. Quite frankly, they could offer you every live casino game under the sun and we still wouldn’t trust them to actually pay you any of your winnings.

Limits - not good enough

Limits for Mystake Casino are the same as for the sportsbook vertical. Deposits and wager maximums depend on the type of game, and daily/weekly withdrawals don’t change. All of which is much less satisfactory than what you get with legit gambling sites.

Product summary & conclusion - a casino you should avoid

There is nothing about the Mystake casino worth travelling to. Between the lack of quality software developers and the shortage of any notable slots or table game titles, the Mystake casino should be the last casino on earth that you sign up to.

Mystake review FAQ

⌚ How do I register with Mystake?

The only way to take advantage of the services and bonuses betting companies have to offer is to sign up and register with your brand of choice. However, before doing so, please make sure you take advantage of our on-site operator reviews and comparisons. Here, you’ll soon find whether an online operator can be trusted or, in the case of Mystake, not!

⌛ Do I need a code to activate the welcome bonuses?

Individual operators have ways of doing things that change depending on their policies. For instance, some will have promo codes and others won’t. It’s essential to understand whether you require a bonus code, or else you run the risk of missing out on claiming the value on offer. The Bonus Offer section in our guide covers everything you need to know about why you should skip Mystake Casino and its shady bonuses.

♿ What is the customer service like at Mystake?

Customer service means a lot to customers because it impacts the overall experience. Without a high level of customer service, you may not have a pleasurable time betting. Mystake fell short of the mark by a long way when we reviewed their customer support options. In fact, they fell short of the mark on every attribute we reviewed. Want the proof? You can see all the reasons why joining Mystake is a mistake in our latest Mystake Casino review.

Overall conclusion - licensing issue casts a long shadow

So let’s take a look at why Mystake Casino cannot compete with legit gambling sites. First of all, Mystake Casino probably isn’t a name you’ll hear in the same breath as the likes of Novibet. The simple reason our Novibet rating is high is that Novibet has developed a stellar standing in the industry.

Mystake is not at this level and they never will be. As an unregulated gambling site with no US licensing, they have no chance of getting off of our blacklist unless they have a radical rethink in how to be a legit, licensed and trusted operator.

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